Welcome to Bourne to Trade!

I have been trading now for 4 years and have gained a lot of experience over that time. Anyone who trades shares will tell you about the big winners but they won’t tell you when you lose. 

Having traded over this period I’ve been fortunate enough to make more gains than loses. During this time I’ve been trying to perfect my own unique trading strategy and have stuck to the same strategy now with minor tweaks for nearly a year.

People talk in trading about the bulls and the bears I aim to talk about the sinkers and the swimmers. I’ve spent the last two years trying to make a profit spread betting. Spread betting lets you make money when the markets are going down as well as up. I saw this as a great way to continue to grow so having made a loss in my first year I’m making gains this year.

I hope you will find my blog interesting!

PS I’m proud to say I’ve made it into the top 75 trading blog list!